Florida Abstract & Security Title Corp.


For more than 28 years, the team at Florida Abstract & Security Title Corp. has provided real estate transactions in Charlotte County, FL, and nearby. Our reputable title insurance agency focuses on the unique needs of real estate agents, lenders, attorneys, and building contractors. We provide many services to each of our clients, including all of the following:

Real Estate Transactions: The Experience You Need

Our company has more than 100 years of combined experience in real estate transactions throughout the state of Florida. Our expertise and attention to detail have earned us an exceptional reputation and dedicated following. Throughout the years, we have strengthened our combined knowledge and experience in real estate, title insurance, mortgage documentation, closing techniques, and property title searches. We have developed a clear understanding of the industry and the individuals that benefit from services provided by our company.

Title Insurance: Convenience First

Time is money. Many of our clients find it difficult to run to a title company to sign paper or take off time from work to travel to a closing. We are proud to be the right alternative for your needs! Our team can accommodate after hours, weekends or out of the office closings – our commitment to taking care of the needs of our client is our top priority!

Mortgage Documentation: a Competitive Price

From homeowners to new homebuyers, closing costs, can be a burden for everyone involved. Some closing agents have little or no regard for how important it is for your transaction to close promptly and cost effectively. That’s why our team strives to offer competitive rates to your cost to a minimum while still maintaining integrity and professionalism.

Closing Techniques: the Latest Technology

Using the most advanced technologies and closing software, we are able to simplify the closing process, thus saving our clients valuable time and money. Our system gives us the ability to make changes quickly. Each file closed is electronically stored for quick retrieval and protected by a security system, ensuring the confidentiality and protection of records.

Staying in Communication

From the start of your services to the moment your closing is completed, we make sure to keep you informed throughout every step of the process. A member of our team will contact you upon receipt of your order and keep you updated during closing. We try to explain all listing guidelines as simply as possible, thus minimizing confusion and ensuring no surprises at closing.

Contact us when you want to meet with our title insurance agency for your services. Rely on us when you need a property title search in Southwest, FL. We specialize in real estate transactions for clients throughout the area.